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- Petersen Type Y sword, based on the sword from museum in Szczecin, Poland, 10thC

- German or French one handed sword, early 15thC

- Falchion inspired by original from Musee de l`Armee

- One handed sword, brass pommel, Naumburg style scabbard, ca. 1270.

- Crusader sword, Brazil nut, ca. 1100 with scabbard

- ACULEUS Longsword, Type XVIa (L:1130mm, W:1300g, PoB ca. 90mm), around 1400 - with scabbard

- Type XV (L:1020mm, W:1300g) around 1420 (pommel insert will be added)

- Type X Norman / brazil nut (L:980mm, W:1160g) around 1100