Medieval swords - reconstructions, replicas, special design and custom commissions.


When we try to understand medieval swords - we should start serious research and then unexpectedly we will meet a lot of unknowns. For example - we still don`t know much about the meaning of inscriptions on the blades, about technologies and handling techniques. We are learning from the medieval sources and testing methods of fight to understand old heritage of our ancestors and real warriors - and there is nothing wrong with that. This is our History.

Sword is not only a weapon, tool of war - it is something more. The immemorial symbol of status, independence, justice and honor - also in modern times.

It is very hard to define what the Sword was and still is in human consciousness. It still remains present today as something important and well known - not only in museums but also in movies, games, books, historical fencing study and reenactment groups. Almost every day we can see swords on tv, monuments, markings, logos, toys, etc.

We all feel unexplained relationship or even yearning for such honorable and beautiful weapon which the sword is.

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